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Weaving Industry

Each and every Bishnupriya women is a good weaver. It is difficult to find a Bishnupriya house without a loom. Their quality of weaving is certainly superb, rarely found in the rest of the world with several classical designs and wonderful color combinations. Their finesse in the cotton and silk industry cannot be doubted, though it is not known for how long they have acquired such expertise. Yet, it is reasonable to suppose that it originated in China and traveled from there to Assam, Bangladesh and other parts of India as connected by Scoff. However, silk was known in china as early as the Sang period (1523-1027 B.C.). But even then the Manipuri weaving and clothing was great demanded.

A Bishnupriya Manipuri Weaver: The Bishnupriya Manipuris settled around Bangladesh, Assam, Tripura are
famous for their skill of Weavings


Agriculture, Stone ware Articles and others

The Bishnupriya's are one of the advanced class of people so far as agriculture is concern. The produce Paddy, and creels, pulses vegetables and so on in their well irrigated fields using all modern techniques. They are also famous for their skill of manufacturing stoneware articles. There are good Goldsmiths and blacksmiths among them. The goldsmiths manufacture the beautiful ornaments that adds a to the beauty 

They are hard working and industrious. Agriculture is the major source of income
in this community

 of Manipuri girls while the blacksmiths meet the demand for useful implements. Utensil out of bell metal manufactured by the Bishnupriya's are beautiful and durable. There are also good carpenters and good potters among the Bishnupriya Manipuris.

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